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Product Catalog 


High efficiency and less noise copper belt crimping machine

  • High efficiency and less noise copper belt crimping machine
  • High efficiency and less noise copper belt crimping machine
  • High efficiency and less noise copper belt crimping machine
Model No.︰XX-04MP
Brand Name︰-
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

Contact: Lora Tang

Mobile: +86-17751717336 ( whatsapp& wechat) 


Application score:

The connection with neon resistance, LED and wire connection.

Sliding switch connected with wire (instead of soldering)

Connection of high temperature heating body

Connection of sensitive elements (reed switch, thermostatic fuse)

Tap and wire connection of transformer

Headset line card casing line is fixed.

Enamel wire and lead wire connection.



1, using high-strength steel plate combination, full CNC machining of blanks, to ensure size and shape tolerance.

2, using power 750W large motor and large turbine transmission power, the output increased by 50%.

3, using double cylinders before and after the active feeding, to ensure the feeding accuracy, adjust the material length is more simple and convenient.

4, using industrial surface coating, more environmentally friendly and more beautiful and more durable.

5, the operation panel is perpendicular to the human face, and the observation parameters and settings are made. The position of the pay-off operation is reduced to the height of the human body, and the hand can support the machine base, which is not easy to fatigue.

6. The upper and lower tool positions have been controlled by the shape and position. When the tool is changed, the lock can be locked at the specified position, and the commissioning and maintenance is simpler.



Model: XX-04MP(Precision type)

Power source: AC110V/220V 50HZ

Motor: Asynchronous motor AC220/ 750W

Energy consumption: Work times under 6000, only need 0.15 kwh per hour (no load)

Crimping capacity: 3T

Applicable Copper-belt : 1-6MM, A